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Welcome to Cryo512, your comprehensive suite of advanced cryotherapy services. Situated in Pflugerville, we specialize in state-of-the-art treatments that are designed to elevate your wellness and aesthetics to new heights. Our commitment to delivering personalized care and exceptional results is unwavering, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our team is led by Dr. Derrick, a seasoned chiropractor at Texas Family Chiropractic, who combines expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Whether you seek athletic recovery, pain management, or a holistic approach to well-being, our services are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Dedicated to redefining what it means to look and feel your best, the team at Cryo512 is here to guide you through your transformative wellness journey. Choose Cryo512 for a diverse and unmatched selection of cryotherapy services, each crafted to elevate your overall health and vitality.

Types of Cryotherapy Offered at Cryo512

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Whole-body cryotherapy is a cutting-edge therapy method where the entire body is exposed to ultra-cold temperatures, typically ranging between -200 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. This exposure, lasting approximately three minutes, takes place in a specially designed cryotherapy chamber equipped with advanced temperature control systems.

During the session, the extreme cold triggers a series of physiological responses. Vasoconstriction occurs as blood vessels constrict in response to the cold, helping to reduce inflammation and swelling. Additionally, the body releases endorphins, natural painkillers that can enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being.

The potential benefits of cryotherapy extend beyond immediate physiological responses. Regular sessions of cryotherapy have been associated with improved muscle recovery, accelerated healing processes, and enhanced athletic performance. Furthermore, the reduction in inflammation may alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Localized cryotherapy is a ten-minute, hands-on, targeted, and precise form of treatment where ultra-cold temperatures are directed at specific areas of the body, focusing on localized pain points, injuries, or areas of inflammation. By honing in on these specific areas, the treatment aims to provide more concentrated relief and therapeutic benefits.

During a localized cryotherapy session, the targeted area is exposed to the extreme cold for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This duration allows for a deep and effective penetration of the cold therapy, delivering its healing properties directly to the area that needs it most.

Like whole-body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy is believed to have numerous benefits, including reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and accelerating the recovery process. However, due to its localized nature, this treatment option is particularly suitable for individuals with specific areas of concern or injury, offering a more targeted and intensified approach to healing and rejuvenation.

Compression therapy helps propel blood from the extremities back to the heart, thereby preventing blood pooling and the risk of clot formation. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with circulatory disorders, like lymphedema and venous insufficiency, and those recovering from intense physical activity.

Cryo512 uses the NormaTec Pulse system, which is a form of pneumatic compression therapy designed to enhance recovery and improve circulation. It uses a specialized compression technology that involves the sequential inflation and deflation of air chambers in sleeves or attachments worn on the limbs.

The compression starts at the point furthest from the heart and moves proximally, which promotes venous return and enhances overall circulation. The system also allows for the customization of pressure levels and massage patterns, ensuring a comfortable experience tailored to individual recovery needs.

By applying consistent pressure, compression therapy can significantly reduce swelling in the affected areas. This is especially beneficial for conditions like lymphedema, where fluid retention is a concern. Regular use of compression therapy can help prevent complications associated with poor circulation, such as venous ulcers and the progression of chronic venous insufficiency. In addition, compression therapy can also aid in reducing pain and improving muscle recovery after physical activity.

Infrared treatment, also known as infrared therapy, harnesses the power of infrared light – a type of energy that is invisible to the naked eye but can be felt as heat. When applied to the body, the heat from infrared light penetrates deep into the tissues, enhancing circulation and promoting a host of potential health benefits.

At Cryo512, we have an infrared sauna that envelops your body in infrared heat, resulting in a gentle, comfortable warming sensation. Some of the benefits of infrared therapy include pain relief, detoxification, weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, wound healing, and cell health.

The heat generated by infrared light is thought to expand blood vessels, improving circulation and potentially benefiting cardiovascular health. Infrared therapy is believed to possess analgesic properties, relieving pain through increased blood flow and the release of endorphins.

Additionally, athletes often turn to infrared therapy to facilitate muscle recovery after intense workouts, as it promotes relaxation and helps alleviate muscle soreness.

The Celluma is an FDA-approved, patented device that utilizes low-level light therapy to address pain, inflammation, acne, and wrinkles. By harnessing UV-free light therapy, the Celluma accelerates the regeneration and revitalization of damaged tissue cells. Celluma provides a comprehensive solution for various skincare and pain management requirements. With customizable settings for acne, wrinkles, and muscle and joint pain, it offers a natural, safe, and non-invasive approach.

There are a total of 345 light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are categorized into three different types of wavelengths: blue, red, and infrared light. 

LED therapy, specifically utilizing blue and red lights, is widely utilized in the skincare industry for facial treatments. It is believed to effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes while simultaneously enhancing overall skin tone and texture. While, infrared light has been extensively researched for its potential to expedite wound healing by stimulating cellular repair and regeneration. Additionally when the red and blue lights are used together, it has analgesic properties and the capacity to alleviate inflammation in conditions like arthritis.

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The Different Types of Cryotherapy

CryoSkin: CryoSlimming®, CryoToning®, and CryoFacial

Cryoskin is a non-invasive treatment that combines the application of heat and cold to achieve remarkable results. By utilizing controlled cooling, Cryoskin lowers the skin’s temperature to target and eliminate fat cells, diminish cellulite, and tighten the skin. This innovative technique harnesses the power of cold temperatures to induce apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death. Cryo512 offers three types of Cryoskin treatments: CryoSlimming®, CryoToning®, and CryoFacial.


Cryoskin’s CryoSlimming® Treatment is a specific application of Cryoskin technology geared towards reducing fat deposits and sculpting the body. This non-invasive technique starts with a phase of controlled heating followed by a significant decrease in temperature in targeted areas of the body. This sudden temperature change triggers fat cells to crystallize and naturally break down. The body then processes these cells as waste, leading to a more toned and slim appearance. Benefits can typically be observed after a few sessions, but it varies from individual to individual. 

For best results, five sessions are recommended. Treatments may be performed a maximum of once every 14 days. The treatment process is generally ten weeks for the recommended minimum of five treatments.


CryoToning® and CryoFacial are specialized treatments offered by Cryo512, designed to combat the signs of aging and cellulite and tighten loose skin. This non-invasive therapy uses vasoconstriction and vasodilation, the processes of narrowing and widening of blood vessels, which are alternated during treatment to boost microcirculation in the targeted area. The result is improved skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. The treatment is ideal for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution for skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

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invisa-RED™ Unveiled: A Dual Laser Approach to Holistic Wellness

Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with invisa-RED™ Technology

Invisa-RED™ is a clinically proven fat and weight loss treatment that utilizes an FDA-approved Class 3B laser at dual coherent wavelengths of 680 nm and 980 nm to stimulate the body’s natural metabolic processes. As it targets and stimulates fat cells, they are prompted to release intracellular fat, water, and toxins. This unlocked fat energy is then used by the body through ATP synthesis, contributing to weight loss.

One of the significant benefits of invisa-RED™ is its ability to aid in weight loss without requiring changes in diet or exercise. Clinical trials of the treatment have shown an average of 4.53 lbs. of fat loss over the course of nine short treatments. Additionally, invisa-RED™ treatment boosts collagen and elastin production within the epidermal and dermal layers helping to tighten the skin, counteracting loose skin often associated with weight loss. The increase in collagen and elastin also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and signs of aging, enhancing overall skin aesthetics.

The treatment schedule for invisa-RED™ is flexible and can be tailored to individual needs. Typically, the initial focus is on losing the first 20 lbs. of body fat, which usually takes around twenty-four treatments. If the patient’s goal extends beyond this, treatments can continue until the desired weight loss is achieved. The recommended frequency is two to three short treatments per week.

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Elevate Your Well-Being with Cryo512

Innovative Wellness, Unparalleled Expertise: The Cryo512 Advantage

By choosing Cryo512 for your wellness needs, you’re not just selecting a service provider – you’re making an investment in your health, beauty, and overall well-being. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care, ensuring that we meet your unique needs and goals with precision and attention to detail.

What sets Cryo512 apart is our commitment to offering a comprehensive range of treatments. We take pride in employing advanced cryotherapy technologies and innovative treatment methods, like invisa-RED™, which have been scientifically proven effective in promoting weight loss, skin rejuvenation, and overall wellness. Whether you’re looking for whole-body rejuvenation, localized relief, or targeted athletic recovery, our menu of services caters to a variety of wellness goals.

Step into our tranquil, spa-like atmosphere and escape the stresses of daily life. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation as we focus on triggering your body’s natural healing and rejuvenating processes. At Cryo512, we believe that true wellness goes beyond treatments. It’s a holistic experience that prioritizes your well-being. Our goal is to redefine what it means to look and feel your best by providing comprehensive care.

Choose Cryo512 and enter a world where cutting-edge technology meets personalized care. Experience the synergy of our state-of-the-art treatments and our unwavering commitment to your well-being. Discover the transformative power of Cryo512 and embark on a journey towards a more vibrant you.